Hammer of the Witches

The mass hysteria that gripped people during the numerous witch trials that took place in our history is still difficult to understand. Equally incomprehensible is some of the weird ways they tested witches.

One of the main sources for practicing witch hunters was a book titled Malleus Maleficarum, which translates to “Hammer of the Witches.” The book outlines numerous ways to identify and prosecute witches. The ways witches were tested ranged from the bizarre to the cruel, and included having their victims scratch them until they bled, baking their victim’s urine into a cake, and being asked to perfectly recite a prayer.

The Malleus Maleficarum: A Medieval Manual for Witch Hunters

While these witch trial tests might sound absurd to us today, for many men and women, the outcomes of these tests would determine whether they lived or died. One way to identify a witch was to bake a cake with rye and the urine of a witch’s victim and then feed the cake to a dog.

There are differing accounts on how witch cake was used to identify witches. If the dog began to exhibit symptoms similar to that of the victim, often that indicated that witchcraft was at work. The dog would then identify the witch. In other accounts, the witch would begin to experience pain as the dog consumed the cake.

Video/Photos – Space Junk Fireball Plummets to Earth in Peru

Peruvian peasants found the remains of satellite

Some farmers found the remains of an aerospace satellite that fell in an Andean community in southeastern Peru, the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) reported Tuesday.

“According to the first analysis, it would be a fuel tank of a disused satellite,” Commander Pedro Palza of the Center for Aerospace Interests of the FAP.

The incandescent sphere of about two meters in diameter hit Saturday in the depopulated area of ​​the peasant community of Larancahuani in the Puno region, bordering Bolivia, explained Palza.

Before reaching the land the luminous object was spotted from several Amazonian regions, according to images from the FAP.

“We are talking about the part of a satellite that stopped operating. Commonly it is known as space junk, “said the official after noting that the object is made of a metal very resistant to heat.


According to the residents, it is a fireball that would weigh about 40 kilos and in the area there is a smell of electric welding.

Palza informed that the origin of the satellite could have Chinese, Russian or American origin. “We are going to examine it, we are sending a team to investigate its origin,” he added.

The police surrounded the sector where the strange object fell and recommended the population not to approach because it could be radioactive.