Alien Footprint? Strange Sounds And UneXplained Footmarks leave Village Panicked

Residents of Anturu village of Gadag district in Karnataka, India,
are scared to come out of their homes these days. They want someone to accompany them, if they step out their homes – at least after sunset. Their apprehension is palpable and the result of huge footprints being found in their fields, which they say are of aliens.
On Sunday night, they reportedly heard some strange sounds and woke up to dogs barking in the village. Many of them stepped out of their homes, in case the noise was from a thief. But they could not spot anyone, and the dogs continued to bark. The next day, to their horror, some of the villagers found huge footprints in their fields.

At first, they thought it could be the marks of some animals. But the foot marks were at least half-foot wide and one-foot in length – which rules out of any animals they know of. The prints were found at a gap of four to five feet each.

To make matters more interesting, forest department officials who visited the spot clarified that the foot marks did not belong to any animals they knew of, adding to the shock of the villagers. The residents now feel it is the work of aliens. However, no officials have confirmed this…yet.

Locals claim this is a footprint of what may possibly be an alien

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