Mystery Creature Found Dead on Beach in Australia

Sherry Simmons initially thought that the revolting blob was merely a big piece of driftwood until she and her bulldog Tank got closer and realized that it was a carcass.

Despite feeling uneasy about the weird sight in front of her, Simmons decided to poke the oddity with a stick and reported that it was “soft to the touch.”

She also, thankfully, snapped a few pictures of the baffling remains which seem to show no discernible features other than perhaps a small fin.

As is often the case with such mystery creatures found on beaches around the world, the images have sparked considerable discussion and debate as to what the animal may have been.

The prime candidates were either a dolphin or a dugong, however officials with Australia’s Department of Environment and Science say that is probably not the case and theorized that it may actually be a shark liver.

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Source: Express

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