Alien Face Spotted on Mars?

Chryse “Alien Head”

Conspiracy theorists convinced that Mars was once home to an advanced ET civilization believe that they’ve discovered new evidence for their theory in the form of an alien face on the surface of the Red Planet.

The oddity comes in the form of an image taken by the Mars Global Surveyor back in January of 2005 which, for some strange reason, apparently escaped the attention of anomaly hunters until this week.

Featured in the photo is a curious-looking crater that bears a somewhat striking resemblance to the iconic visage of an alien as we’ve come to know them in popular culture here on Earth.

Advocates for the possibility of a lost Martian civilization say that the ‘eyes’ of the ET are too similar to be simply the result of a natural process and suggest that they face was crafted at some point in the distant past.

While some may find such an assertion laughable, it appears, to the conspiracy theorists’ credit, that such a notion was not lost on NASA itself when it processed the image.

That’s because the space agency actually dubbed the crater the ‘Chryse Alien’ since it “seems to resemble a bug-eyed head.”

Of course, NASA’s description of the crater posits that the ‘eyes’ were formed by wind and erosion rather than an ancient Martian civilization with a penchant for building massive monuments in their own image.

Source: Express

Main Source: UFO Sightings Daily

Atacama Alien Mystery Solved

Genetic researchers have unraveled the mystery of a bizarre mummified skeleton once suspected of possibly being an alien.

The six-inch-long oddity was discovered back in 2003 in Chile’s Atacama desert and, upon being revealed to UFO researchers, was heralded by some as a potential breakthrough in the search for ET confirmation.

Dubbed the ‘Atacama alien’ or ‘Ata’ for short, the skeleton’s conical head and abnormally large eye sockets bore an uncanny resemblance to the iconic depiction of a grey ET.

This fantastic conclusion was, unfortunately, squashed five years ago when DNA tests on the ‘alien’ revealed that it was, in fact, a human being.

However, researchers were still stumped by what may have caused Ata’s unique appearance, but a newly-published paper appears to have solved the mystery.

By way of DNA extracted from Ata’s bones, geneticists were able to determine that this skeleton was that of a girl who was either stillborn or died shortly after birth.

The remarkable nature of the skeleton, they say, is the result of an astounding seven different mutations in genes responsible for bone development.

This confluence of genetic abnormalities resulted in the skeleton being more akin in composition to a six-year-old child as well as the variety of bone deformities which originally gave rise to speculation that Ata had been an alien.

Although the ultimate conclusion of the study may be a bit disappointing to UFO enthusiasts, the researchers behind the project say that their findings could go a long way towards diagnosing and treating those with skeletal deformities.

Source: The Guardian