Serbian ghost caught on CCTV?

A puzzling piece of security camera footage from a police station in Serbia left officers scratching their heads as it appears to show some kind of apparition floating between jail cells. According to a local news story, the weird incident occurred in the town of Trstenik, where cops caught a glimpse of the eerie anomaly on their CCTV monitor. Left awestruck by the strange sight, the bewildered lawmen reportedly watched the video numerous times in an attempt to determine what had appeared in the footage.

Unable to solve the mystery themselves, they subsequently enlisted the help of their fellow officers, showing the video to nearly the entire Trstenik police force the next day. Alas, no one could offer a plausible explanation for the perceived figure in the footage. As such, the overwhelming and unsettling conclusion among the cops was that the oddity was a ghost.

Aside from the figure’s ephemeral appearance, the officers’ suspicions were also strengthened by the way in which the possible apparition was apparently able to pass between the bars of the jail cells without any problems. Meanwhile, the prisoners occupying the rooms are said to have not seen anything out of the ordinary at the time. Whether they felt an unusual change in temperature or heard unexplained noises, two other possible signs of ghostly activity, goes unmentioned in Serbian media coverage of the case.

Video: Ghost Hunter Captures Voice Of Ghost?

Ghost hunter Sean Reynolds, 33, who captured the spine-tingling video, said it is the clearest communication from a spirit he has ever heard.

“The Old Market Tavern has had many uses throughout time, being used as a bank, a town hall and even a courthouse,” Sean said.

“The landlady has reported many ghostly sightings here and refuses to enter certain parts of the building on her own.

“Paranormal incidents have included things like ghostly footsteps, bangs, even apparitions that have been seen by staff that work at the pub.

“I had been investigating the first floor on my own and had been experiencing explainable knocks and footsteps, as if someone was in the room with me.”

“Then as I asked for the spirit to make these noises again, I actually heard as clear as day with my own ears, a ghostly voice reply to me. It was so clear that the spirit was saying ‘I never’,” Sean said.

“I am not sure what they meant. Maybe they were telling me that they never made the noises or it could be the spirit of someone that was sentenced to death, during the period the building was used as a courthouse, still pleading their innocence.

“When I could hear what the ghost said, it made me shiver with excitement and also shock that I had been in direct vocal communication with a spirit – not through any psychic gift but physically and for everyone to hear with their own ears.

“I was the only person in the area and this voice came from the same area I was in, it had to be a spirit.”