Turkish university offers UFO studies

Kumburgaz UFO

ISTANBUL – Students will prepare for meetings with aliens and learn about galactic diplomacy, according to the schedule.

A research institute at Akdeniz University in the tourism province Antalya on the Turkish Mediterranean coast launches a study something out of the ordinary:

“UFO ology and extraterrestrial politics” is on the new schedule of the study, reports the newspaper Hürriyet Daily News .

The study aims to improve the students for contact with alien creatures.

“We believe that representatives from the world and civilization in space will soon get official contact with each other,” says Erhan Kolbaşı, the study director of Turkish Doğan.

Kolbaşı is head of a UFO research center in Turkey, established in 1998. He is also the author of the book called “Galactic Diplomacy”.

He believes that people on earth will get in touch with alien beings already “within 10 to 15 years”.

The university study will further study information and methods for investigating possible lives on other planets. So-called galactic diplomacy is also one of the themes.

Education in Turkey has raised awareness before, when President Erdogan’s government removed Darwin and the evolutionary theory from the schedule, including jihad, holy war.

Strange Radio Waves Coming From Nearby Star

A star located at 11 light years from Earth is transmitting “strange” radio signals.

Image Credit: Planetary Habitability Laboratory

The mysterious signals come from Ross 128, an unexplored dwarf star. Researchers suggest that the signals appear “almost periodically”, suggesting that further investigation is needed to find the exact source.

Radio signals were detected via the Arecibo Observatory, a huge telescope in Puerto Rico. Professor Abel Mendez, an astrobiologist at the University of Puerto Rico, said that the signals were not transmitted by aliens, but it does not rule out this possibility.

Arecibo Observatory

He suggests that the signals could be transmitted by a satellite orbiting the star and blocking the field of view of the telescope. “Arecibo’s field of view is not very wide, so there is the possibility that a certain object in front of the star can transmit radio signals”, Mendez said. On his personal blog, Mendez said that “we have not noticed any object that can emit radio signals at such a high level”.

Another hypothesis suggests that the signals could come from starburst storms, an explosion of energy coming from the surface of the star. This type of explosions can travel at the speed of light and emit strong radio signals that destroy communications satellites on Earth.