Chupacabra in Paraguay?


Ranchers in Paraguay are on edge following a series of livestock attacks that one witness insists are the work of the infamous chupacabra. The strangeness began earlier this month in the town of Los Cedrales when farmer Francisco Molinas was drawn outside by the unrelenting barking of his dog. Armed with a rifle and a flashlight, the curious man found the source of the commotion when he reached the pen where his sheep are kept.

Molinas first discovered that one of the animals had been attacked by a predator and suffered a gruesome wound on its neck. Wondering what could have done this and if the perpetrator was still around, he flashed his light around the pen and, upon reaching a corner of the enclosure, was astounded by what he saw. According to Molinas, there was some kind of three-foot tall creature that resembled a bug and sported ominous-looking red eyes.

Despite firing a few shots at the oddity, the mysterious creatures was seemingly unfazed and even attempted to go after Molinas. Fortunately, his shotgun-toting son was nearby and continued blasting the beast, which caused it to flee the scene with the pair of angry farmers in hot pursuit. “We looked for him everywhere,” Molinas told a local media outlet, “we wanted to hunt him to show people this monster. I did not believe in this before, but now that I’ve seen, I know there’s a chupacabra.”

Goat Sucker

Although Molinas may be convinced, not everyone is convinced that the notorious chupacabra is behind the attacks that have claimed the lives of over 30 sheep in various communities in the area. Some suspect that the mystery animal could be a jaguar or a similar big cat, but hunters who are trying to track down the creature say that they’ve found footprints which do not look feline, raising the eerie possibility that perhaps the chupacabra really is prowling around Paraguay feasting on livestock.

Footage Shows Mysterious Creature In Loch Ness?

An eight-year-old girl visiting Loch Ness with her grandmother may have captured footage of the famed creature said to lurk in the waters of the legendary site. According to a Scottish media outlet, the odd anomaly was filmed by Laria Annand after she and her grandmother, Marie, spotted something strange on the water out in the distance. Since there were no boats or people in the area at the time, the pair were mystified by what it may have been.

Fortunately, Annand used her grandmother’s cell phone to film the odd scene which features the sun reflecting off of something, seemingly long and sporting a series of humps, emerging out of the water. Left with little in the way of possible answers as to what it may have been, the duo suspects that they may have been lucky enough to encounter Nessie. But skeptics aren’t quite convinced that the anomaly in the video is the infamous Loch Ness Monster.

The prevailing opinion on the video among those who do not believe in Nessie is that the anomaly is probably just the sun hitting the water at just the right angle to create the appearance of some kind of creature. Since what would be the body of the beast is largely obscured by the sun’s reflection, it’s difficult to discern what exactly is being illuminated. And so, as with most pieces of Loch Ness Monster footage, the ultimate determination of what was out there in the water is left up to the viewer to decide.