Is this a ghost caught on camera in St James Cemetery?

A participant on a ghost walk in a haunted cemetery in England took a rather remarkable photo which seems to show an apparition among the tombstones.

Louisa Farrell was the lucky individual behind the camera at Liverpool’s St James Cemetery earlier this month.

When she later checked her photos from the event, Farrell was stunned to see an eerie anomaly that bears a striking resemblance to a person.

A ghostly figure caught on camera by Louisa Farrell in St James Cemetery could be that of a 17th century soldier, it has been claimed

The leader of the ghost tour, Keith Braithwaite, speculated that perhaps the oddity was the spirit of a 17th century soldier, since one can kind of make out some kind of uniform worn by the potential apparition.

Skeptics, of course, will argue that the ‘ghost’ is probably just the product of light and shadow combined with the cemetery’s longstanding reputation for being haunted.

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Source: Liverpool Echo

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