AUDIO: Pilot Reports Puzzling UFO Encounter Over Long Island

A remarkable recording recently appeared online featuring a bewildered pilot reporting a UFO sighting over Long Island to an air traffic controller. The intriguing exchange occurred a little less than a month ago, on May 26th, as a man flying a Piper Saratoga cruised at 6,000 feet over the town of Huntington, New York at around 1 PM in the afternoon. On his approach to JFK International Airport, the pilot suddenly spotted something out of the ordinary and radioed air traffic control for assistance.

“I have an object in front of me,” the pilot reports, “and I don’t know what it is.” Sounding somewhat confused, the ATC operator responds, “like a drone or something?” The witness then tells him that he doesn’t think that’s the case because the object is “bigger than a drone.” The incident then gets even stranger as the air traffic reporter tells the pilot that he does not see anything on radar that could account for the literal unidentified flying object.

Nonetheless, the pilot asks for and is granted permission to make a slight left turn, since he would otherwise be heading directly for the object. Once he’s avoided any kind of collision, the man is queried as to what he had just seen and responds that the object has seemingly disappeared behind a cloud, but “definitely something was there.” The confounded controller replies that “we have to assume it was a drone … I don’t know if that’s a safe assumption or not, but that’s what we’ll go by.”

In a testament to the pilot’s honesty and willingness to endure what might come next, he contradicts that assessment by saying, “actually, it looked like it had lights on it.” Confounded by this observation, the ATC operator slowly answers, “that’s really interesting,” confirms again that the object is not on radar, and muses, “I don’t know what to say.” Wrapping up that part of the conversation, the pilot answers with a statement that will ring familiar to UFO enthusiasts everywhere: “I know I’m not delusional.”

One additional aspect of the case comes up shortly thereafter as the air traffic controller contacts the pilot with something of an unsettling-sounding request. He tells the witness that “one of the managers” would like him to, upon landing, call air traffic control to further detail his experience. After the pilot jokes about being in trouble, the ATC operator assures him that he is not, but also includes the somewhat creepy caveat that “they’ll be expecting your phone call.”

Aside from the recording, little is known about what specifically happened on that afternoon in May over Long Island. According to website The Drive, the FAA confirmed that a pilot had encountered a “drone-like object,” but offered no other details about the event. Attempts by the site to obtain the pilots report were met with resistance and the suggestion that they file an FOIA request for it. The entire affair echoes a similar case which took place back in February where audio of two pilots reporting a UFO to air traffic controllers popped up online.

Chupacabra in Paraguay?


Ranchers in Paraguay are on edge following a series of livestock attacks that one witness insists are the work of the infamous chupacabra. The strangeness began earlier this month in the town of Los Cedrales when farmer Francisco Molinas was drawn outside by the unrelenting barking of his dog. Armed with a rifle and a flashlight, the curious man found the source of the commotion when he reached the pen where his sheep are kept.

Molinas first discovered that one of the animals had been attacked by a predator and suffered a gruesome wound on its neck. Wondering what could have done this and if the perpetrator was still around, he flashed his light around the pen and, upon reaching a corner of the enclosure, was astounded by what he saw. According to Molinas, there was some kind of three-foot tall creature that resembled a bug and sported ominous-looking red eyes.

Despite firing a few shots at the oddity, the mysterious creatures was seemingly unfazed and even attempted to go after Molinas. Fortunately, his shotgun-toting son was nearby and continued blasting the beast, which caused it to flee the scene with the pair of angry farmers in hot pursuit. “We looked for him everywhere,” Molinas told a local media outlet, “we wanted to hunt him to show people this monster. I did not believe in this before, but now that I’ve seen, I know there’s a chupacabra.”

Goat Sucker

Although Molinas may be convinced, not everyone is convinced that the notorious chupacabra is behind the attacks that have claimed the lives of over 30 sheep in various communities in the area. Some suspect that the mystery animal could be a jaguar or a similar big cat, but hunters who are trying to track down the creature say that they’ve found footprints which do not look feline, raising the eerie possibility that perhaps the chupacabra really is prowling around Paraguay feasting on livestock.