Angel Recorded on Security Camera?

A Michigan man could not believe his eyes when he checked his home security system and saw that it had seemingly snapped an image of an angel hovering over his truck during the night. Talking to a local TV station, Glen Thorman recalled gasping “that’s an angel” as soon as he saw the remarkable anomaly in the photo taken by the motion sensor camera. His suspicions were strengthened when Thorman conferred with the pastor of his church, Deneille Moes, who declared that “there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that we were looking at something supernatural.”

She subsequently posted the photo to the church’s Facebook page marveling, “yep, folks, it’s an angel.” Moes also mused that “I guess there is no question who is watching over their residence while they sleep.” And she assured parishioners that the image was not altered in any way, which is a claim we tend to believe, since we can’t imagine why Thorman would want to hoax his pastor with a fake image of an angel.

That said, the assumption that the anomaly is an angel is not shared by everyone. A photography expert consulted by the TV station that profiled Thorman and his amazing image had a more down to Earth explanation for what the camera had captured: a moth. Although that could be the case, he did concede that “there may be room for interpretation,” meaning that the possibility that it’s an angel may still fly.

Mysterious crying girl in Turkish cemetery stirs panic among locals

An eerie mystery has gripped a city in Turkey as an unidentified girl has been spotted crying in an old cemetery for many days.
On April 29, witnesses reported a teenage girl crying and speaking to herself on one of the graves. The next day, workers at the cemetery found the girl but she then disappeared, after which they left a note on the grave saying they could help her. They also informed police about the ghostly image.

The girl reportedly continued to come to the grave to cry for the next two days, each time managing to escape from officials and disappear into the shadows of the cemetery.

Police said the girl was dressed in black and wore red shoes, and was crying on the grave of a woman who died in 1982. The girl reportedly looked around 15 years old and police works are continuing in order to get to the bottom of the incident.

Source: Daily Sabah