Extras Wanted For Kecksburg UFO Film – Details

Interested in being an extra.


Where:  We will gather at Veterans Park in Mt. Pleasant, PA at 10 a.m. on October 6th.  Veterans Park is located across from Leo’s, located at 51 West Main St, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.


Parking: Please do not park in the nearby lot of Leo’s even though it is metered. We want to be respectful of the town, residents and businesses.  There is metered parking all over town which you may use.  However, the street right in front of Veterans Park will be closed during filming from 2 to 4 p.m. for the scenes with military vehicles.  If you park in front of Veterans Park, you must move your car prior to this scene.


When: October 6th from 10 a.m. until dusk.


What to wear: It is December 9, 1965.  It was cool, but not snowing.   We will have a limited amount of wardrobe to dress selected actors.   If you are capable, please come dressed for the time period.  Suggestions are shown at https://www.pinterest.com/elapisardi/kecksburg-street-scene/

No tank tops, shorts and such as it is December.    If you are unable to find appropriate clothing, don’t despair, we will find a way for you to be part of this. 


Hair and makeup: Women will have their hair done in period hair styles and selected background actors will have their makeup done.  If you are able to come with your hair and makeup already complete, that will enable us to spend more time on others, but we will make sure that you have the right look.  Priority will be given to named cast, featured extras, and then background extras.


Cell Phones: Cell phones must be turned off during filming, no exceptions.  Even on silent, they can interfere with microphones used for filming.  There is a lot of preparation time before actual filming, so you will have lots of time to send messages and make necessary calls before filming starts.


Photography:  You may take photos of yourself and your friends/family prior to filming and are welcome to share them on social media.  However, please do not take photos of the main cast or crew or disturb them; they are concentrating on their work.  Also, do not take any photographs or video while our cameras are rolling.




Your work on Kecksburg is voluntary.  Hundreds of people have already donated thousands of hours to bring the story of Kecksburg to the screen and we are honored that you are joining them.    


Contact:  If necessary, you may contact the production company on the day of filming only at 724-350-0127.  Prior to that date, all questions should be directed to kecksburgufo@gmail.com.


Kecksburg is the fifth feature film by producer/director Cody Knotts, whose prior work includes Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies (starring Roddy Piper, Kurt Angle, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Matt Hardy, and Shane Douglas) and the award-winning Gore Orphanage.  He has directed Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief), and Richard John Walters (My Bloody Valentine 3D) and his films have received international distribution. A native of southwestern Pennsylvania, Cody currently resides in New York.