Woman suing California to get it to recognize the existence of Sasquatch

Claudia Ackley from Crestline, in southern California swears she saw Bigfoot when she was hiking last March. But she’s upset that the state isn’t taking her seriously. So now, she’s suing California to try to make the state recognize that Bigfoot exists and classify him as a species. She has a court hearing next month.

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Patterson – Gimlin Bigfoot Footage

Bluff Creek in Northern California – In October of 1967 Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson caught what many believe to be the image of a living Bigfoot on film. 50 years later the Patterson-Gimlin film continues to stand as the most convincing footage ever captured of this elusive creature. The film has withstood numerous attempts to debunk it and has been scruntized by experts in many fields.  (Complete Video Version Below)

(Video Below) Complete reel of film shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in and around Bluff Creek, CA, in 1967.

Frame 352