UFO Community: Jim Marrs Has Died

Jim Marrs

Acclaimed investigative journalist and beloved member of the conspiracy theory and UFO research community, Jim Marrs, has passed away.

After several years working as a reporter for a variety of Texas newspapers, Jim Marrs achieved worldwide notoriety for his landmark book Crossfire, which examined inconsistencies in the official story of the JFK assassination.

A New York Times bestseller, Crossfire, proved to be so powerful that it served as the basis, along with another book, for the Oliver Stone film JFK.

Marrs went on to write a pair of highly influential works in the form of Alien Agenda and Rule by Secrecy as well as one of the first books on the US government’s remote viewing program with Psi Spies.

Alien Agenda

In the wake of 9/11, Marrs turned his attention to that tragic event and uncovered a wealth of information which suggested that something was amiss with the ‘official’ version of events, which was brought together in the book The Terror Conspiracy.

Through later books like Rise of the Fourth ReichOur Occulted History, and Population Control, he warned about the surreptitious and worrisome nature of the ‘New World Order’ and various ways in which the ‘powers that be’ seemed to be advancing their agenda.

An indefatigable researcher, Marrs produced a number of additional works in recent years, including a fiction offering titled Sisterhood of the Rose.

An undisputed giant in the field of esoteric research, Jim Marrs will be deeply missed by his many friends in the paranormal and conspiracy community as well as the countless readers.

Source: Coast to Coast

UFO Community – Translations for UFO

UFO Community: Ufology is the study of reports, visual records, physical evidence, and other phenomena related to unidentified flying objects (UFO). UFOs have been subject to various investigations over the years by governments, independent groups, and scientists.

A UFO is an object seen in the sky or landing on Earth which cannot be identified and which is often believed to be from another planet. UFO is an abbreviation for `unidentified flying object’.

Translations for ‘UFO’

American English: UFO
Arabic: جِسْمٌ طَائِرٌ غَيْرَ مُعَرَّف
Brazilian Portuguese: OVNI objeto voador não identificado
Chinese: 不明飞行物
Croatian: NLO
Czech: UFO
Danish: ufo
Dutch: ufo
European Spanish: OVNI
Finnish: UFO
French: OVNI
German: UFO
Greek: ΑΤΙΑ
Italian: UFO
Japanese: 未確認飛行物体
Korean: 미확인 비행물체
Norwegian: UFO
Polish: UFO
Portuguese: OVNI objecto voador não identificado
Romanian: OZN
Russian: неопознанный летающий объект
Spanish: OVNI
Swedish: UFO
Thai: ตัวย่อของจานบินของมนุษย์ต่างดาว
Turkish: UFO
Ukrainian: НЛО
Vietnamese: đĩa bay