UFOs Filmed Off the Coast of North Carolina

A fisherman in North Carolina captured some puzzling footage of mysterious lights hovering over the water at a beach and some suspect that the oddities could be UFOs. The strange sighting reportedly occurred in mid-November and the video subsequently appeared online last week. According to the witness, who chose to remain anonymous, he was fishing at a site known as Cape Lookout when he suddenly noticed a “very bright, stationary, and silent” light in the sky.

“Over the course of the next hour it faded in and out,” the observer said, “as well as sometimes becoming multiple lights.” Although he was mystified by what he was watching, the fisherman was able to capture a brief video of the bewildering scene unfolding in the sky. The footage, which runs around 90 seconds, shows a pair of lights in the sky that inexplicably multiply as the man looks on in wonder. That said, like any good angler would, he sounds less put off by the UFOs than he is with his lack of luck, musing “still wish I could catch a fish.”

As to what the lights may have been, officials with the National Parks Service told a local newspaper that they had no idea what the “peculiar” lights may have been.

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