UFOs Reported in Eastern Washington

Donna Havens was watching a movie when she saw two red orbs moving across the night sky.

She and her son rushed outside of her central Kennewick home with a mobile phone and started shooting video.

The UFOs almost merged together and then disappeared, she said.

As they watched, more spots appeared. They saw 14 lights over 20 to 25 minutes last Saturday night, Havens said.

The lights looked white on the mobile phone screen, said her son, Russell Gibson Jr. However, as he was videoing them, he said, “It’s orange with a red haze around it.”

Screen capture from video taken by Russell Gibson Jr. of Kennewick

“Folks, if you could see this in real life, it’s very bizarre,” he said, narrating the video. “These just keep on coming.”

The lights were moving erratically and appeared to be traveling from the northeast to the southwest.

If you like to see the video? Just click source below.

Source: Tri-City Herald 

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