UFO Files Reveal 90-Minute UFO Encounter During The Cold War

London (UK) – While UFO researchers world-wide are waiting for a whatever release of the recently released last secret British UFO files, the British historian Dr. David Clarke, who had accompanied the publication of the UFO files of the British Ministry of Defense (MoD), highlighted a case from the “new” files revealing the dramatic proximity of a US Air Force surveillance aircraft to a large unidentified flying object Over the eastern Mediterranean in the autumn of 1982.

As Clarke reports on his website, the report describes an incident on October 19, 1982, when an RC-135 Rivet USAF surveillance aircraft suddenly saw a “big object” in the observation of Soviet militia activities across the Eastern Mediterranean.

“According to the files of the military base of the Royal Air Force Troodos in Cyprus, the staff there (the 280 Signal Unit) listened to the radio messages of the US crew with astonishment, as the encounter took place at around 35,000 feet above the sea” Clarke reports.

The unidentified flying object (UFO) itself was described by the crew of the RC-135 as “as covered by numerous flashing lights” and apparently also by the radar of the surveillance aircraft itself as it approached from the south. “After that, (the object described as larger than the RC-135) circled the aircraft and approached it so that the Navigator of the aircraft was asking for ground support,” Clarke cites from the files.

Two F-14 combat aircraft were then launched from an aircraft carrier, and a British phantom, which was on a night training flight at the time, was ordered to start the UFO south of Cyprus

“When the three interceptors approached the US surveillance aircraft, their crew saw the UFO just as it disappeared toward the African coast. The hunter pilots, on the other hand, no longer saw the object. ”

It is also clear from the files on this incident that the Troodos radar station had been monitoring the entire incident for 90 minutes and had recorded the radio contact since it had started shortly after 4 o’clock in the morning.

At this time, the crew saw the object “about two miles away. Then the object orbited the aircraft and approached it for 90 minutes. It was sighted by the “entire crew”.

Although the object, according to the RC-135 crew’s radio checks, was detected by the radar of the US surveillance aircrat, the UFO was not detected by any British air defense stations, either ground-based or sea-based radar, nor by the 280 SU of the RAF Troodos.

Nevertheless, the incident involved a secret investigation by the British authorities, the results of which were also transmitted to the US Department of Defense in November 1982.

“Neither the UK nor the US government has ever published any information about this incident until the files are released,” Clarke continued. “It is clear from the files that official bodies were able to make a copy of radio communications between the aircraft crew and the ground station (…) and copies of this report to scientists from the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the department” DI55 “, a section (“Defense Intelligence Staff”) of the British Defense Secretariat “Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence” (DSTI). “Film footage from the RAF Troodos radar station had also been sent to London, where it was investigated in large format by the government.

An extract from the RAF file on the incident [David Clarke/The National Archives]

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